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About Us

The team enabling the future of energy. 

Our Story

This company started with a simple experience we have all been through, being stuck with a dead battery and having no time to charge it. Our story is centered around people who want to improve how we use energy, and how that impacts our planet. From backgrounds in waste energy regeneration, batteries for wildlife, e-bikes, and more, our team has helped shape the technology that we have built and the impact our company will make on the world for both consumers and companies.

Charlie Welch (Co-founder and CEO)

"Solving problems in energy takes guts, vision, and dedication. I have put batteries in some of the harshest conditions on and off this planet, and look forward to continuing pushing the boundaries"


As you have probably heard us say by now, time is the only thing in life you can’t get more of. At ZapBatt we take that to heart and have built a team of passionate individuals who care about transforming how we save time. Storing energy in batteries will be a big part of our future. At ZapBatt we strive to do so in way that significantly reduces waste and has the least impact on our Planet. Our people are the ones who make these ideas reality, and we focus on making sure the journey at ZapBatt is as enjoyable as the destination.




Our Leadership Team

Charlie Welch


7 years Northrop Grumman Aerospace, Applied Research – Battery Technology Award: Innovator of the Year 2015: World Record Electric Flight & Battery Research

David Felzer


Mechanical Engineer with experience in energy, medical devices, and large-scale projects. Expertise leading technical teams through product development.

Amiad Zionpur


Ex-Head of Operations at Zagster (Acquired), a pioneer micro-mobility company. Extensive Supply Chain and Operations experience.

Melissa Minneci


Physics and Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. 8 Years at Northrop Grumman in various roles. Expertise organizing teams to develop high level technical products.